ORCID in Publishing: Best Practices for ORCID in Journal Manuscript Submission and Review

Slides from webinar on 11 December, 2018<div>With around 2,000 journals now requiring ORCID iDs for authors, and thousands more requesting them, researchers are more likely to use their ORCID iD in a journal publishing workflow than any other. How can we ensure that their experience is the best it can be, whether as a corresponding author, a co-author, or a reviewer? Our Collect & Connect program is designed to help and, after a brief overview from ORCID staff, this webinar will feature some of the organizations that are following these best practices. We’ll also share news of our plans to better understand -- and ultimately improve -- the user experience for journal authors. <br><br>Speakers: <br>Christopher Heid, ScholarOne Manuscripts <br>Michael Markie, F1000 <br>Katrina Newitt, SAGE <br>Alice Meadows, ORCID</div>