Anticipation, Action, Awareness: A PID Communications Template for All

A session at PIDapalooza conference in Girona, Spain, on Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

PIDs will only ever achieve their full power when they’re widely adopted and used by the research community. But engaging with researchers about the value of PIDs can be challenging. During 2017, we completely overhauled ORCID’s education and outreach resources, collating and updating five years’ worth of materials that had been developed organically and reactively into a single clear and consistent collection. We also created a three-phase communications toolkit:

- building anticipation about ORCID
- engagement with ORCID (action)
- ongoing ORCID brand recognition, and reinforcing key messages (awareness)

The toolkit can be used out-of-the-box, or modified to suit local needs. Although it’s ORCID-specific, it can easily be adapted for other types of PID, since all materials are CC0-licensed and may be re-used and customized as required.

In this session we will showcase the toolkit elements, share feedback from organizations that have been using them, and brainstorm everyone’s ideas for developing a broader PID toolkit in future (incorporating suggestions from the PIDcurriculum session at the last PIDapalooza).