ORCID Assertion Assurance Pathways

The ORCID Registry enables connections between individuals (via their ORCID iD) and their activities and affiliations (via other identifiers and APIs). These connections are asserted by individual record-holders themselves, or by organizations they interact or otherwise are affiliated with.

When an ORCID record shows 'Source: XYZ' we need to know whether XYZ is the individual, a service stating information on behalf of an individual or third party, or is information that XYZ created or is otherwise responsible for. Understanding how to properly evaluate assertions on the record is key to maintaining and building upon trust extended to ORCID by the research community.

This document defines the types of agents involved in making assertions and how the use of persistent identifiers (PIDs) can affect the nature of assertions. It then examines common assertion scenarios and how assertions can be categorised based on the agents involved and the PID used. Finally, the document examines and describes the assurance implications of an assertion sitting within a particular category.