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201710 ORCID: Enter Once | Reuse Often: What does this mean to research institutions? WEBINAR

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posted on 27.10.2017, 00:56 by Laura Paglione, Eric Olson, Haak Laurel, Matthew Buys
In October 2017, ORCID provided a group of webinars for research institutions.

Research is conducted and communicated at organizations like yours - universities and private institutes, government and commercial laboratories, and other research institutions. Globally you employ and teach millions of individuals who are engaged in innovative research, teaching, and scholarship.

You manage research information in many different systems. This makes it hard to keep track of your researchers’ activities and outputs within your own institution. And it’s even more challenging once you take into account the many grant application, manuscript submission, research profile, and other systems that they are interacting with outside of your institution. On top of that, researchers move around - after graduation, on sabbatical, on secondment, or to new positions.

How does ORCID help with these challenges? This webinar was designed to help answer these questions.