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Video: ORCID Peer Review Week 2017 Webinar

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posted on 15.09.2017, 09:37 by Alainna Therese Wrigley, Alice Meadows, Kent R. Anderson, Stephanie Monasky, Alison McGonagle-O'Connell, Anthony Alves, Chris Heid, 0000-0002-5458-6735, 0000-0003-3698-5043, 0000-0002-9032-3983, 0000-0001-7054-1732, 0000-0001-7833-632X
Video of the full presentations from ORCID's Peer Review Week 2017 webinar.

Presentations and speakers:

1. ORCID: Peer review functionality (Alainna Therese Wrigley)
2. ORCID: Peer review statistics (Alice Meadows)
3. REMARQ™ + ORCID = Easy Profile Creation (Kent R Anderson, RedLink)
4. ACS Reviewer Lab Integrations with ORCID (Stephanie Monasky, ACS Publications)
5. Aries Systems ORCID Peer Review Integration (Anthony Alves, Alison McGonagle-O'Connell, Aries Systems Corporation)
6. Clarivate Analytics' ORCID Integration and Peer Review (Chris Heid, Clarivate Analytics)

A link to the recording via GoToWebinar is below, as are links to the presentations on Figshare.