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The role of ORCID in laying the foundation of trust in Digital Research Information at FORM MENA '23.

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posted on 2023-10-26, 07:49 authored by Nabil KsibiNabil Ksibi

In this presentation, we present how ORCID solves the name disambiguation problem and how researchers can easily create and use their ORCID iDs in the research lifecycle (from submitting for a grant, to publishing or using an institutional infrastructure) ORCID aims to solve the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications. To achieve this, we maintain a registry of unique persistent identifiers (ORCID iDs) for individual researchers.

ORCID is guided by a set of principles that focus on researcher control, privacy management and openness. Because ORCID is one part of a larger research information data open infrastructure, we also provide open tools that enable the community to make transparent and trusted connections with other persistent identifiers for researchers, research activities, and affiliations.

The relationships enabled by these identifiers can enhance the scientific discovery process, reduce reporting burdens, and lay the foundation for trust in digital research information.


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