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Visualizing COVID-19 Research Graph Using ORCID

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posted on 2021-08-02, 03:21 authored by Melroy AlmeidaMelroy Almeida, Amir AryaniAmir Aryani

Due to the global pandemic, the focus of most researchers around the world has changed to COVID-19 impact and recovery. In our work, we leverage the power of ORCID and other persistent identifiers to form a connected graph of scholarly communications to understand how organizations and countries are collaborating towards finding a pathway to COVID-19 recovery.

Persistent identifiers (PIDs) allow us to link different entities like people, organizations, datasets, and publications by precisely identifying the participants within a research project. PIDs enable research provenance and attribution by accurately linking research entities.

We leverage the interconnectedness of different identifiers to report on the formation of a collaboration network that captures connections between researchers, research datasets, publications, and grants. Using this newly formed collaboration network, we demonstrate how COVID-19 research collaboration has formed since late 2019.


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