ORCID in Finland

Published on 2020-05-28T22:23:01Z (GMT) by
<div>ORCID and CSC hosted a webinar, "ORCID in Finland." This webinar was held in English and Finnish. Following is the programme:</div><div><br></div><div>1. Introductions and agenda (English)</div><div>2. Finnish consortium update (English)</div><div>3. ORCID update (English)</div><div>5. Time for Q&A/ open discussion (English and Finnish)</div><div>6. Researcher profiles and ORCID integration in the Finnish Research Information Hub (Finnish) </div><div>7. Time for Q&A/ open discussion (English and Finnish)</div><div><br></div><div>Speakers: Gabriela Mejias (ORCID), Hanna-Mari Pusska (CSC), Tommi Suominen (CSC), Walter Rydman (CSC).</div>

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